Church Hill

A Historic District where Patrick Henry gave his “give me liberty or give me death” speech. It is Richmond’s first neighborhood and preservation began in the mid 1950’s. The area is filled with Richmond’s oldest history from the brick sidewalks and street lamps to the classical architectural styles. Church Hill is the highest point in Richmond Virginia and overlooks the city. 

Local Links

Richmond Public Schools

Private Schoools:

Benedictine College Preparatory

12829 River Road

Richmond VA 23238



Collegiate School

103 N. Mooreland Road

Richmond VA 23114



The New Community School

4211 Hermitage Road

Richmond VA 23227


Saint Bridget School

6011 York Road

Richmond VA 23226



Saint Catherine’s School

6001 Grove Avenue

Richmond VA 23226



Saint Christopher’ School

711 St. Christopher’s School

Richmond VA 23226


Saint Gertrude High School

3215 Stuart Avenue

Richmond VA 23221



The Steward School

11600 Gayton Road

Richmond VA 23238



Trinity Episcopal

3850 Pittaway Drive

Richmond VA  23235


Country Clubs:


Hermitage Country Club


The Country Club of Virginia


Westwood Club


Willow Oaks Country Club



Recreational Associations:


Kanawha Recreational Association


Ridgetop Recreational Association

Youth Sports Leagues:



Village Dance Studio


Kickers Soccer League


Richmond Little League



Strikers Soccer League


Western Wildcats